MITATE C3 MASK is a skin care focusing on “self repair ability” that human beings naturally have. By accelerating the metabolism of the cell, you will be able to recover your best skin condition. Effect has been proven by many professionals based on the remarkable results in many medical institutions and major spa salons.

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Firmer face
Face lifting
Elimination of Sagging
Skin whitening
Improvement of spots, freckles, pigmentation
More beautiful skin
Improvement of wrinkles
Removal of acne and acne scars
Closing of pores and removal of blackheads
Removal of dark eye circles
MITATE C3 MASK is a revolutionary new face care pack with international patents (USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, EU, etc), developed by Japanese Cosmetology and Pharmacology doctor who tries to assimilate the field of medical into beauty. Carbon dioxide under the gel rapidly penetrates into the skin and finds its way into the blood vessels. This triggers the skin to absorb more oxygen supply (Bohr Effect) that helps accelerate the skin metabolism and self-repair mechanism.

Our highly effective Co2 gel mask will achieve amazing results for the professional beauty therapists, their clients and everyone who desires eternal beauty. Major Mechanism of Co2 Gel Mask- Promotion of Blood Circulation Facilitates adequate supply of oxygen Drug Delivery System action- Bohr Effect Cosmetic effects of CO2 Gel Mask- Firmer face, Face lifting Elimination of Sagging Skin, whitening Improvement of spots, freckles, pigmentation, Improvement of wrinkles, Removal of acne and acne scars, Closing of pores and removal of blackheads, Removal of dark eye circles.

Anti-aging Bohr Effect, Bohr effect is the benefit of CO2 to the human body that proved by Danish physiologist Christian Bohr in 1904. CO2 penetrates the skin by DDS action and easily reaches blood vessels. It improves bloodstream by dilating vessels. Also, hemoglobin releases oxygen to skin tissue when connected with CO2. This accelerates the skin metabolism and self moisturizing ability.
Featured ingredient : Pycnogenol, The Pycnogenol extract has 4 basic properties to help your skin retain health, radiant tone and texture. – it’s a powerful antioxidant, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, selectively binds to collagen and elastin, and finally, it aids in the production of endothelial nitric oxide which helps to dilate blood vessels.

The Mitate C3 CO2 Mask is patented in Japan , U.S.A. , Australia , South Korea , Canada and the EU.
This facial mask has been proven highly effective and thoroughly safe. When you are choosing a CO2
Gel Mask, check if the mask has any pattern. The Mitate C3 CO2 Mask is proud to say it is the only
one with patents.


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